Missing your hairdresser and beautician

By Clair Whitty, Natural Health Store, Market Cross

I AM. I’m missing my hairdresser in particular. I got a text from her telling me not to cut my hair or to touch the home colour.

It was too late; I had to admit to her that I had done both. I had already put in a home colour that I got from the shop and I am happy to say that it turned out very well, even if I can’t say the same about the cut.

The thing is, when I go to see my hairdresser, I usually go in feeling yuk. My hair is a mess, colour fading. But when I come out I feel like a million dollars.

Feel great

I think we all agree that we feel great when we get our hair done. If you fancy trying a home colour yourself they’re easy to use, and leave your hair in great condition. Though, I am looking forward to getting it done by a professional sometime soon.

We’ve been blessed with the sunshine this summer, it’s been amazing. But some of you like myself may not have seen much of the sun and are washy looking.

So, I got myself Lavera Self Tanning Lotion, I have used this before and know that I like it. Just make sure to exfoliate and moisturise in advance, this is important, especially around the toes and ankles. I love the natural glow it gives to the skin.

Pamper your skin

If you want to pamper your skin and brighten your complexion choose Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant oil. Trilogy is my favourite skin care range.

I swap around with their products throughout the year, mostly because I want to use them all. But when I want to hydrate which is important now in the heat choose the antioxidant oil.

The latter is also the one I choose for fine lines and wrinkles, and of course for premature ageing. Plus it protects and nourishes the skin. It’s an excellent choice in my opinion.

I hope it’s not too long before the professionals are back to work. We miss you. See you soon.

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