BY CLAIR WHITTY Does your skin dry out in the winter? The drop in temperature and central heating can cause the skin to become very dry. This can lead to itchy or dry skin all over our body including our face and lips. Here are some tips to help keep your skin stay soft, smooth, and …


PART 3 CALLAN NUNS BLAZE A TRAIL DOWN UNDER BY JOHN FITZGERALD The nine Callan sisters travelled to Tilbury Docks in England, which they reached on October 11th. Cardinal Moran had turned up to accompany them on their journey to Australia. He met them at the docks. Another top brass cleric and four priests flanked …


THE FACT OF THE MATTER BY PAUL HOPKINS Diarist Anne Frank wrote: “Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” And she knew about darkness in her short tragic life. We are amidst the darkness in these short, dank days and never-ending nights where many a candle is lit and …


THE KILKENNY OBSERVER CHRISTMAS SHORT STORY SERIES Celebrating writers in our community ’23 The Kilkenny Observer Newspaper is delighted to present our ‘2023 Christmas short story series’. We have invited four writers from Kilkenny to submit a short story over the coming weeks, which we hope you will enjoy. This week we welcome Joseph Kearney …


AS I SEE IT MARIANNE HERON The rhetoric about right-wingers here is dismissive. They don’t represent us, we are told, they are motivated by hate, unlike other countries they will never have enough support to have political clout. They seem to merit no more attention that an annoying cloud of gnats. But the riots in …


FURTHERMORE  By Gerry Moran Outside of Dublin, Kilkenny possesses the greatest collection of medieval documents and records in Ireland. One of those documents refers to a dramatic presentation at The Market Cross in Kilkenny’s High St in 1553 when a play entitled ‘God’s Promises’ was performed. The play, written by John Bale, the Church of …


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