Burger rush as the chips are down

By Jimmy Rhatigan

TALK about panic buying.

WHEN the chips were down at the McDonalds Drive Thru at the Hebron Road Roundabout it was bumper to bumper for several hours as motorists queued for burgers, chips and their first cousins in food.

Hundreds, thousands maybe were dashing to satisfy their hunger for fast food as the local branch of the food chain giant eased towards a 7pm lockdown as part of the battle with the Coronavirus.

Drivers approached from several directions meaning that the Hebron Road was certainly the busiest thoroughfare in our city for most of today, Monday.

By the time the shutters went up the notion has to be that there wasn’t a burger to be had at the popular dining spot.

The Kilkenny Observer can say for certain that by 6pm any chips were down and out as there wasn’t a spud to be peeled.

Ices market licked

McDonalds also showed that it has the local ice cream market well licked too as some flavours and different chocolate variations on its famous McFlurry tubs of cream also appeared to be getting scarce.

To be fair the final day of trading before the well heralded temporary closure could easily have spelled chaos as cars hitting the facility from two main roads formed queues outside of the dining complex.

But if there was to be any chaos it was certainly going to be organised chaos.

Everything ran smoothly as staff members who will now be out of work toiled relentlessly to feed the hungry as the clock ticked to doors locked.

At the finish it was akin to the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

The hungry had been fed and like The Manor Farm Chicken, the local McDonalds franchise owned by Chris Pimm will be back in all its glory.

Once again the famous McDonalds slogan I’m lovin’ it will once more be in vogue.

Us ice cream lickers noted too that the spoons normally provided with our favourite dip had changed, to be replaced by somewhat more conventional ones.

But that certainly didn’t cause any stir.

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