Bach Remedies for Coronavirus Anxiety

Clair Whitty

By Clair Whitty

I DON’T know where to start. What can I say?

This is not an article that I expected to write. Last Thursday morning when I heard that the schools were closed and that things had moved to a different level, my adrenaline went through the roof.

My heart was pounding so hard and fast that I seriously thought that I was going to have a heart attack.

It wasn’t so much because of the virus because I know that I would most likely survive. It was my old teenage fears I used to have when I thought the world was going to end before I was 30.

It didn’t help when later in the day I was shown photos of empty supermarket shelves.

My mind was going blank, I really was pumping adrenaline. The shop was so busy that I couldn’t get to the box of Bach Flower Remedies under the counter.

I asked Megan who was standing beside me to add the drops to my bottle of water. I called the names out to her between customers.

I am worried about my two children. They’re young adults, one married. I am concerned about their job security too. I am worried about my parents.

So I put Red Chestnut in to help with fears for other people’s safety and well-being.

The anxiety was causing me to shake; I could hear the difference in my voice as I spoke to people. It was the fear of the unknown; the what-ifs were starting to overwhelm me.

What about all the various industries that will be affected by this? I was thinking of them all. Aspen is the perfect choice for this type of fear.

Walnut is the remedy to use to protect oneself from negativity and from other people in terms of their attitude towards you, or because you can feel their emotions and it is affecting you. So I added this remedy in too.

My rational brain was telling me to cop on, that all will be well. This too shall pass.

I know I am not alone with this anxiety and fear.

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