Baby Robin hangs around with Peg

By Jimmy Rhatigan

A BABY Robin Red Breast, a few days only old, has already made a good friend in our city.

The chick is one of four born to Mr and Mrs Robin at a coal shed at St John’s Court in the neighbourhood of St John’s Parish Church.

Pal Peg is a clothes Peg that holds up some of nature lover Tommy Roche’s smalls on a clothes line between his home and the shed that became a temporary maternity ward.

Our picture shows the tiny Robin beside the green Peg which highlights the fragility of the little bird as it is dwarfed by auntie Peg.

The bird is the last remaining robin still in situ from the family of four born earlier this week. Parents have been joined by three sons or whatever they are but the little one that enjoys hanging out on the clothes line remains loyal to its place of birth.

However he or she is certainly not neglected as mum flies in regularly with supplies, mainly worms or maggots that will put hair or more accurately feathers on his chest.

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