VTOS Kilkenny Woodcarving Exhibition 2023

Martha Bolger (Director of FET) KCETB. Geraldine Moran (VTOS Coordinator) Bernadette O'Rourke (AEO ) KCETB Photos: Dylan Vaughan

10th Anniversary – A phenomenal success

What a morning it has been for the VTOS woodcarving class of 2022/23 at MacDonagh Junction. Their annual exhibition made a welcome return after the last number of challenging years.

The breath-taking exhibition was a culmination of a year of hard work, passion and dedication – thus producing some superb enigmatic pieces. M.C for the occasion was Geraldine Moran VTOS Co-Ordinator who welcomed all the special guests and thanked Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board for their support for the VTOS programme through its Adult Education Service. She said it was a fantastic morning showcasing the creative and artistic talents of a wonderful class under the guidance of their inspirational teacher Peter O Carroll. Martha Bolger Director of FET with KCETB officially opened the exhibition and was loud in her praise for the excellent Awe-inspiring work that was on display. She congratulated all participants on their wonderful achievements.

Peter O ‘Carroll class teacher expressed his delight and immense pride to be working with such a talented group of participants since September 2022. Bernadette O’Rourke AEO with KCETB paid tribute to all the participants and congratulated them on their collaborative endeavours particularly in their carving of the KCETB logo. She said they epitomised everything that was great about VTOS Kilkenny and wished all of them much success for the future. Marian Acreman, Centre Manager MacDonagh Junction welcomed back the exhibition and was delighted to be present for such an amazing occasion. She congratulated all the participants on the outstanding quality of their work, and said MacDonagh Junction were proud to display all the work.

In her closing address Geraldine Moran thanked participants and invited guests for their attendance and encouraged them to bring along their friends. Geraldine stressed the importance of diversity and inclusivity and that the exhibition highlighted those very important aspects of the VTOS programme as evidenced by their artistic exhibits. She thanked Sean Lawless, Charlotte Beattie and Leanne Butler Davis for their help in organising the event and expressed her gratitude to Alma Feeley for arranging the photography. Afterwards all guests were treated to refreshments at The Pantry. VTOS can be contacted at (056 7764719) email info@vtoskk.ie

Geraldine Moran (VTOS Co-Ordinator) May 2023

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