Tired of that stubborn cough?

Do you have a stubborn cough that you just can’t shift? A stubborn chesty or dry cough can be so annoying.

I think because a cough is one of the symptoms of Covid we can be embarrassed to be heard coughing. I think we all imagine that we are being judged. But it’s the season for coughs and I find it interesting that nobody is looking for cough bottles this year.

If you’re certain that your cough is not a symptom of Covid here are some cough remedies that you could take a look at for you and your family.

Botanical Syrup by Irish Botanica, an Irish brand, is one or our staff’s favourites. Simply because the feedback is amazing. Choose this remedy if you have a stubborn cough. It contains a mixture of herbs traditionally used to help treat a stubborn cough whether it’s chesty or dry. The herbs can help to clear congestion and phlegm, can thin and decrease mucus, and soothes inflammation of the respiratory tract. Liquorice can help to reduce dryness and has an anti-spasmodic effect helping to ease the cough. It’s suitable from age 3.

Herbatom is a herbal remedy traditionally used for coughs associated with asthma and bronchitis. It contains aloe vera, pine, eucalyptus, and plantago. The herbs are traditionally used to reduce inflammation, clear the airways, and help stimulate mucus secretion. Suitable from age 3.

A.Vogel Bronchosan is the one to choose for a dry, tickly, and irritating cough. Typically, a non-productive cough with no mucus.
For the younger members of your family you could take a look at Fortuss, Otosan Winter Wellness Tonic with Manuka honey. Its soothing ingredients can help both dry and productive coughs and is suitable from age 1.

A.Vogel Ivy Thyme a herbal remedy is the one to choose for chesty coughs and is suitable from age 2. For infants you could try New Vistas Chesty Baby, this is a gentle homeopathic mixture to help give your baby relief from a chesty cough.

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