Supplements tips for marathon training


This time of year, many of you, not me I have to say, will be training for a marathon. I am sure that you will have a good training program in place and won’t need advice from me about that. But maybe these tips could be helpful for some of you.

For example, you might be experiencing achy or sore joints when running. If so, the main supplements that I think of are Omega 3 oils, Turmeric, and Glucosamine. Eskimo Omega 3 fish Oil is one of our customer’s favourites. Liquid is preferrable but you can also get a one-a-day extra strength capsule. To help keep inflammation in check you can take turmeric powder or you can get it in capsule form, or you can you get it in supplements such as Zincuflex. It contains Turmeric and Ginger, two natural anti-inflammatory herbs.

With Glucosamine which may help prevent further deterioration of the joints, there’s lots of supplements to choose from. You could choose a supplement with Glucosamine only or you could look at Revive Active Joint Complex. This is a comprehensive super supplement with Glucosamine, Collagen, MSM and other nutrients to support bone and joint health in a one-a-day powder sachet. Or if you prefer tablets there’s Nature’s Aid Glucosamine Complex.

Viridian Sport Electorlyte Mix is a perfect blend of mineral of salts to help you rehydrate after intensive training. Simply add to your bottle of water when needed.

I know that cramps can be a problem for some of you. Even if you already take Magnesium, it could be handy to have a bottle of Better You Magnesium Spray Oil with you to massage into your legs if they cramp up after a run.

A popular supplement is Ashwagandha. One Nutrition is my go-to brand. Ashwagandha supports energy levels, helps the body copes with stress, and it can help build muscle.

Lactic Acid build up can be a cause of sore and aching muscles. Active Edge Montmorency Cherry Juice has been traditionally used to help runners and cyclists recover after training.

For minor injuries have a tube of A.Vogel Arnica Gel to hand . It’s perfect for muscle and tendon pain and bruises too.

The best of luck to all running a marathon this year.

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