Resolve yourself to restart your promise in February



How is your resolution for 2022 coming along? Many of us make promises to ourselves for the New Year. Few of us keep them going for very long.

Most resolutions don’t last much beyond the first two weeks of January. I’m not hazarding a guess by saying that, it’s fact. Research has found that around 17 days into the New Year, the majority of people have either given up or are seriously flagging.

You may be full of good intentions when the bells chime midnight on 1st January. These may be enough to keep you going for the first fortnight or so but then willpower starts to deplete and determination takes a different direction.
Actually it’s no wonder this happens. First, many of us are exhausted after Christmas. Secondly, it can seem that there isn’t much to look forward to. True, there’s a little bit of a stretch in the evenings but we’re still living in darkness for most of the day.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly of all, that cheer and goodwill we felt over the festive season is gone. There’s no doubt after the January 1 celebrations, positivity takes a nosedive, particularly as the black nights of winter are no longer brightened by a thousand multi-coloured bulbs. We’re edging closer towards Spring but not that you’d notice.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that experts recommend starting, or perhaps restarting, resolutions in February. For a start, it’s the shortest month of the year. Even a few days difference can alter how we perceive our first target, getting a page of the calendar under our belts! Once we’ve done that, it can really make a massive change to our confidence in continuing.

February is also a month of rebirth. Yes, it’s still cold and the days short, but they are starting to noticeably lengthen. Spring has started to show it’s first signs too. You may be able to find some snowdrops starting to show close to your home, hear birds chirping, find frogspawn in a nearby pond. In short, February is a time of new life in a way January is not. Use this fact to allow nature to give you a helping hand.

By starting in February, you’re also avoiding competition. If you’re flagging with your resolution towards the middle of January, it’s almost certain that you know someone, perhaps fond of boasting, who tells you they’re flying with theirs. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. You don’t need that though as it is likely to leave you feeling like a failure that you’re not finding your life change a breeze. Begin (again?) in February and you cut all that nonsense out!

(Re)starting your resolution in February has great benefits. You’re much more likely to succeed. As an old proverb says; “you only fail when you stop trying”.

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