Put your own mask on first


I wrote this article on a flight out to the European Championships in Holland. One thing that strikes me is that during the safety demonstration they always stress the importance of putting on your own mask first before attending to others. Now they are not suggesting that for no reason! They know that if you do not put on your own mask and get oxygen flowing that pretty soon you are not going to be much help to anyone!!

That makes perfect sense on a flight but how many of us ignore this advice in our day to day lives?

How many of us try to do everything for others while we let ourselves get run down? I myself have had to stop taking new patients at times to make sure I keep the quality of service high for my current patients and not burn out myself while running at a very high level. It was not an easy decision as I really want to help as many people as possible, but I if I am exhausted how can I give my best to new patients?

I cannot count the number of mothers who have come into my clinic with their children for me to treat. When helping to get the child back to full health or putting in place a programme to prevent injuries down the road, the mother confides that she has been suffering some pain for weeks, months or even years! Asked why she lives with it she tells me she has too much on. She gets her child fixed the minute they feel pain like any good parent would but will go years before seeking help herself. This is noble in ways but also foolish. If the hip pain gets so bad it results in surgery, then how are you going to bring the children to all the activities, hold down a job and run a household? I feel like giving two for one session to these parents!

Putting on your own mask first in the real-world means saying no to one or two activities to give yourself time to relax or exercise. You must schedule time to stay healthy and exercise. Over 80% of the top CEOs in the world practice 20 minutes of daily meditation according to a Huffington Post article I read. They know that they need to look after themselves first to look after major corporations. Make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night, 30 minutes of exercise and are taking the time to prepare healthy meals as a minimum. Put your own mask on first.

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