Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,

The current system of paying in advance and online for admittance to GAA games may be very modern and suitable for younger (and some not- so-young) fans. However, I am now pleading on behalf of elderly GAA fans, who like myself are ‘a bit long in the tooth’ for using these online systems. Could the powers-that-be (especially our local GAA representatives) not open just one stile at Nowlan Park for up-to-date card holding pensioners to pay on their way into games?

I would like to point out that there are a lot of us now in the twilight of our lives that have supported the GAA all our lives as players, administrators, patrons etc. All we ask for is to be given the opportunity to pay our way into our beloved games as we have always done. Some of us elderly followers are justifiably too proud to look foolish by having to ask younger people to buy our tickets online for us. We are not doddering old fools just because we are now old.

We have all worked hard in difficult times to rear our families, to buy our homes and we supported our GAA (and still do) with unwavering loyalty. To our local GAA representatives, I now say “please don’t abandon us now when one of the very few pleasures we have left is attending a hurling match”.

Yours sincerely,

Elderly GAA fan.

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