Paying dearly for flouting litter laws

OUR County Council has seen an increase in illegal dumping, littering and backyard burning since control measures were introduced to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The number of complaints received by the Environment Section with respect to this illegal activity has increased by 35% since mid-March when compared to the same period last year.

This selfish and dangerous behaviour of a minority is undermining the good efforts and investment of all stakeholders who want the best for our people, city and county.

People who feel it’s ok to discard litter from car windows, at recycling bring banks, whilst walking along our streets, or those who illegally dump waste along our county roads, at our beauty spots, burn their waste, or those who fail to clean up after their dogs are being put on notice.

The Environment Enforcement Section of the council is actively patrolling and carrying out investigations throughout the county.

Technology such as CCTV cameras, drones, trail cameras, along with good old-fashioned investigation work, is being deployed to detect those who feel its ok to detract from our city and county putting people, our family and friends at risk from disease or injury.

Since January some 118 €150 litter fines have been issued, or are currently being processed, under the Litter Pollution Act, with 38 offences being detected in the past three weeks alone.

Prosecutions through the courts are also pending for five individuals for failure to make payment.

In addition, 12 €500 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued and 5 prosecutions are pending for other offences under the Waste Management Act.

Selfish and dangerous behaviour of this nature is totally unacceptable, the council reminds, at any time and even more so because of Covid-19.

Every effort is being made to make those who partake in this type of illegal activity accountable for their actions.

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