THE FACT OF THE MATTER BY PAUL HOPKINS I was on a commuter train in Dublin the other week, on a journey of 35 minutes or so. It was choc-a-bloc with young people, being the Easter school holidays and all; the youngest accompanied by a parent or someone older, the older ones travelling alone or …


AS I SEE IT BY MARIANNE HERON As old makes way for new and experience shuffles off the political stage, energy is a word that keeps coming up. An attribute that’s needed, especially in these challenging times. But  another element I believe is essential among a mix of leaders and decision makers, is that good …


BY JOHN ELLIS, FINANCIAL ADVISOR Last week the Central Bank of Ireland published its 10th edition of the Financial Conditions of Credit Unions report. It provides an update on the financial performance and position of the sector for the financial year ended September 30, 2023. The publication aims to inform credit union boards in carrying …


FURTHERMORE By Gerry Moran I wouldn’t exactly call myself a hypochondriac: however, every now and then when I get a bad headache, that I can’t shake pff, I think – brain tumour! And then the Panadol kicks in, the headache subsides and the notion of brain tumour dissipates. I mention all this because of a …


KATHLEEN FUNCHION Sinn Fein TD for Kilkenny Carlow Sinn Féin TD Kathleen Funchion has called on the local artistic and wider community in Carlow Kilkenny to answer an arts survey launched by Sinn Féin as part of a consultation process towards developing a comprehensive national policy for the arts. The Sinn Féin Arts Survey can …


PART 4 BY JOHN FITZGERALD Continuing the story of the infamous Friary Street Ambush: If you missed parts one and two you can read these on the Kilkenny Observer website… A corporation worker, Tom Dullard, has been shot dead by the British troops after exiting the Capuchin Friary. At the sound of gunfire, the wagon …


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