AS I SEE IT MARIANNE HERON Judgemental attitudes to unmarried mothers are at the heart of the Gaiety Theatre’s adaptation of Brinsley MacNamara’s novel ‘The Valley Of The Squinting Windows’ brilliantly staged earlier this month. When published in 1918 the book caused outrage and it was publicly burned. Times have certainly changed, I thought after …


BY JOHN ELLIS, FINANCIAL ADVISOR For many it is unfair that having had cancer and survived you still can’t access life cover, even Mortgage Protection cover even though you have had the ‘all clear’ for years. This adds extra stress on the whole process of trying to get a mortgage to buy a home. Well, …


FURTHERMORE  By Gerry Moran My heartiest congratulations to Jim Brennan of the Club House Hotel on being awarded the President’s Award at the recent Chamber of Commerce Business Awards ceremony in Lyrath. Jim has been running the Club House for the last 46 years and is most certainly deserving of the honour. The Club House …


THE FACT OF THE MATTER BY PAUL HOPKINS Despite the apparent uplift in the economy, costs still remain high for fuel and basic foods. Many families and individuals are turning to the ever busy de Paul Society for assistance, with the local charity spending more than €8,000 a week helping those in need. The society was also …


BY JOHN FITZGERALD An excerpt from INVADERS, the story of how a small band of men and women faced one of the most powerful armies on earth… The bombardment had resumed shortly after dawn on Day Three of the battle for Callan. The first rays of sunlight coincided with the day’s first ball that came …


BY CLAIR WHITTY This time of the year many of you are planning parties and get togethers with friends and family. You want to look and feel your best but maybe you’re not feeling that right now. Perhaps you are constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your clothes or they just don’t fit because you …


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