Mayor of Kilkenny calls for a reduction of the Local Property Tax

Mayor of Kilkenny Cllr David FitzGerald has called for a 10% reduction of the Local Property Tax (LPT) in Kilkenny. Following on from the commitment that he gave during his Mayoral election speech in June, Cllr FitzGerald said “The Cost of living is affecting every business and household. We in Kilkenny both as a local authority and in local businesses need to ensure we offer the best value to all in our customers and ensure we don’t inadvertently add to the increasing costs facing our people. We must be prepared to consider temporarily reducing local property taxes and commercial rates to help alleviate the un-paralleled inflation squeezing everyone particularly those on low incomes.”

The current LPT rate is at the max of 15 % above the flat rate which was introduced in 2019. Ahead of the September meeting of the Kilkenny County Council Cllr FitzGerald has proposed a 10% reduction of the LPT. ‘’Everyone is feeling the impact of the cost of living, we have the ability in the county council not to inadvertently add to the cost on the people of Kilkenny. One measure we can introduce to help elevate the pressure is reduce the Local Property Tax. With inflation running at almost 10%, the Council needs to reduce the burden on tax payers during these difficult times. I understand the impact this will have on the County Council budget however I cannot ignore the financial strain on society. I will be proposing a 10% reduction of the Local Property Tax.’’

Cllr FitzGerald added “ All branches of government must live within their means in the year ahead. It is unrealistic to expect each household in Kilkenny to cope with the spiralling cost of heating, electricity and food prices if Local Government continues to levy local taxes at the top rates. Kilkenny County Councillors have supported the Council with generous budgets over the past number of years but it’s time for the Council, like everyone else, to cut its cloth to its measure.”

Councillors are being briefed in committee on the draft Council budget with the decision on the rate to be levied for Local property Tax (LPT) due to be made during September.

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