Let’s talk menopause


October is menopause awareness month and it’s great to see that there is so much conversation about it. I love that men are talking about it now too. In the past year I have spoken to more men about it than I have in the past twenty. They are trying to understand perimenopause because they are worried about how it is affecting you.

There are lots of supplements that you can try to help you through. Last week I was telling you about NHP MenoSupport a herbal supplement to help deal with the symptoms of perimenopause. It contains a mixture of herbs and vitamins to help deal with the symptoms. It is worth considering if you have a variety of symptoms and to help balance hormones naturally.

Every day we talk to women about the symptoms of perimenopause and you might not be needing something as comprehensive as this. For example, some of you are at the beginning of the journey and are not sure if you have started at all. But you are noticing some changes in your monthly cycle, your energy or your mood. Some of see changes in your skin and that might be only sign of change. If this sounds like you then a good supplement for you to start with would be Cleanmarine MenoMin.

MenoMin is one of our customers’ favourites. Many women see an improvement in their energy, and find their mood is better, and that their skin looks great too. Some women have told me that they just feel great when they take it. It contains a mix of Omega 3 to support brain health, Soya Isoflavones, B Vitamins to help hormone regulation, skin and psychological function and Vitamin D all in 2 capsules daily. It’s worth considering. It can be taken before, during, and post menopause too.

We will all experience menopause differently. We won’t all get the same symptoms or have them at the same intensity. Some of you sail through it without any noticeable changes and wonder what everyone else is talking about. Sometimes you can benefit from a one-to-one consultation with a Nutritional Practitioner for a personalised approach.

We at Natural Health Store are here to chat with you, call in or give us a call, we would love to help.

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