Natural care for your teeth


Care for your teeth and gums the natural way with Buccotherm, natural oral care for the whole family.

Used and trusted by dentists and hygienists in France, Buccotherm make a full range of oral care products including toothpaste, oral sprays and chewing gum.

Every Buccotherm product is formulated with thermal spring water, sourced directly from the spa town of Castéra-Verduzan in France. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements, with unique soothing and remineralising properties this water has been used for centuries for all kinds of ailments, particularly those of the throat and mouth.

Buccotherm Dental Spray is a unique solution for anyone who suffers with dry mouth, which can happen if you don’t produce enough saliva. Dryness can be also be age related or can occur after cancer treatment. Simply use the spray several times a day to hydrate and humidify your mouth.

This Dental Spray also protects the teeth and mucous membrane from acid attacks, soothes irritation, reducing gum sensitivity and occasional bleeding too. It’s perfect to clean the interdental spaces in between braces. 100% natural and like the other Buccotherm products it contains the unique spa water which is rich in mineral salts and trace elements.

If you’re worried about bad breath, choose Fresh Breath Oral Spray which is certified organic with 99% natural ingredients. It’s perfect for long lasting fresh breath and an ideal size for your pocket or handbag.

Buccotherm toothpastes are certified organic, contain a minimum of 97% natural ingredients – formulated with or without fluoride to suit everyone’s choice.

An everyday essential, Buccotherm Tooth Decay Toothpaste is used to help prevent tooth decay. It contains fluoride, is made with 99% natural ingredients, and has a natural mint flavour.

Or there’s the Fluoride Free Toothpaste for Sensitive Gums, it’s organic and made with 99% natural ingredients. This is particularly suitable for sensitive teeth or bleeding gums and can also be used for mouth ulcers, simply massage well on to the affected area and don’t rinse.

The Buccotherm range is adapted for all ages, for the younger members of the family there’s a full range of children’s toothpastes with fluoride and fluoride-free options.

Especially designed for babies there’s a Teething Gel and Teething Kit for your baby’s gums and first teeth. The toothbrush has extra-soft bristles and is ergonomically shaped for an easy grip and to prevent the risk of the baby pushing the brush too far into their mouth. The teething gel is organic with chamomile and marshmallow extracts and contains 98% natural ingredients.

This is a lovely range that I think you’ll like.


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