Julie Anne Ryan visits Kilkenny

Photo: Jack Moore

A warm welcome is being extended to Julie Anne Ryan who is visiting Kilkenny at present. Julie Anne is visiting her Aunt Anne Ryan and Uncle Martin Ryan of Ryan’s Electrical, High Street. Julie Anne is a daughter of Richard Ryan, Anne and Martin’s brother, who emigrated to Australia in the late 1970’s.

Julie Anne hails from Brisbane, Australia where she is a senior member of the police force. An avid sports person Julie Anne has participated in various sports at a level others only dream about. She has played College tennis in the USA before switching to amateur boxing and represented Australia at the World Championships in Russia along with winning Australian championships in 2004 and 2005. Julie Anne took up running in 2012 and although she prefers to run 5k or 10k she did stop off in London on her way to Kilkenny to run the London Marathon clocking a time of 3hours 36 Minutes.

Julie Anne is enjoying her stay in Kilkenny where she is visiting some of the historical sites and enjoying the local hospitality.

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