How to make resolutions stick



HYPNOTHERAPY works with your sub-conscious mind! That’s precisely why it is such a powerful tool in changing your habits and lifestyle. It quite literally has the ability to alter how you live your life in an instant and make those new year resolutions truly stick.

When you make a resolve to add, adapt or remove something in your life, you are making a conscious decision. It’s a thought process. Likely you will have looked at what you think you need to change about yourself and came up with a list of a few items. Rationally, you probably put these into some kind of order of most to least important. It doesn’t matter whether you did this in your head, on paper or any other way. It was a deliberate, practical, purposeful procedure which you used to arrive at the thing you think would make the biggest difference.

The trouble is that kind of deliberate, practical, purposeful procedure happens in another part of your brain to where your habits reside. In short, anything which requires thinking is a conscious activity, your behaviours on the other hand are absolutely unconscious.

Think about it for a moment. You choose to sit and watch TV instead of doing exercise. You light up a cigarette. You eat unhealthily. You drink a pint or two more than you intend. You avoid a social event because you don’t have the confidence to go. You perform badly at an interview due to nerves. All of these are examples of behaviours you do instinctively and your instincts are utterly and completely subconscious.

Putting it simply you’re failing at your resolution because you’re using the wrong tools. Trying to change an unconscious habit with the conscious mind is like trying to start a fire with two sticks. Sure, there is the possibility it will work. With great effort and a lot of time. Probably involving having to start, stop and start again. Far quicker and easier to use matches or a lighter.

Hypnotherapy is your matches or lighter. This is because it involves relaxing you into a state where communicating with your subconscious becomes easy. That way you are taking your well-thought through decision from your conscious mind and moving it to the part of the brain where your habits live… and can be changed. There it will stick and become instinctive, cutting out the great effort and time you would otherwise have needed and giving you a far greater opportunity for success.

If your resolution for 2022 is flying, well done! Keep it up and may success be your friend. If, however, you are, like most people, finding it a slog, hypnotherapy could be just the thing you need to ensure you fulfil your dreams and make this year the one where you change your life for the better!

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