Help lower Cholesterol naturally without side effects

By Clair Whitty, Natural Health Store, Market Cross

High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks and stroke. I am often asked if it’s possible to lower cholesterol naturally. Most of you can do this with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, and sometimes supplements. My own cholesterol reading was 6.7, possibly high because of the excesses of Covid. I have six months to put things right!

Foods to avoid are sugar, pastries, cakes, treats, and fried food. Reduce red meat and dairy if you consume a lot. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided. Foods to eat are vegetables and brightly coloured fruit. Have high fibre cereal, porridge, oat biscuits, psyllium husks, apples, beans, and pears. Include lecithin granules, garlic, and good quality oils like olive oil, flax, and Udo’s Choice Omega oils. Eat oily fish two to three times a week. Exercise is important too.

Some of you will choose to take statins because you can’t reduce your cholesterol levels no matter what you do, or maybe you simply feel that it’s the best option for you.

However, statins have side effects which affect some people. Jayne who works with me told me about her mother who’s been on statins, a low dose, for years. And for years her mother has been experiencing muscle pain, soreness, and aching. Plus restless legs had her awake frequently. Jayne suggested that her mother take One Nutrition Q 10-Max it contains CoQ10 150mg and thiamine to help with the side effects. Because, when you take statins to reduce cholesterol, it also blocks the natural production of CoQ10, a key enzyme used by every cell in the body, so it’s essential for many bodily functions. Thiamine supports normal energy metabolism and the normal function of the heart.

Within one-week Jayne’s mother saw a huge difference in her pain and restless legs. She reported a 98% improvement in her symptoms and can’t understand how she didn’t know about this sooner. If you have similar side effects to Jayne’s mam then you might benefit from taking some One Nutrition CoQ10-Max too.

Other side effects from statins include lead legs (legs that feel heavy and achy), headache, difficulty sleeping, flushing of the skin, drowsiness, memory loss, digestive discomfort and dizziness.

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