Health Stores are open

Clair Whitty

By Clair Whitty

PEOPLE are asking me what I am taking to protect myself against this virus.

I am taking Echinacea, and a supplement that contains a mixture of A, D, C vitamins, Zinc, Beta Glucans, and Elderberry.

I have no guarantee whether I will win the battle with this combination or not. But I won’t go down without trying.

Controlling your stress levels, good sleep, and eating as well as you can are crucially important at this time.

Easier said than done, I know.

I do not want any of you to come rushing out of your homes to buy any supplements. The most important thing you can do right now is to stay at home.

We all know that. We also know that washing our hands is the best step we can take to protect ourselves.

Most health stores around the country are open, supplying essential foods and supplements for people with special dietary requirements.

I am sure, like our store, they will have changed their opening hours, and how they do their business, and will be practising social distancing.

Concern or question

They’re also at the end of the phone if you have a concern or question. They will be coming up with innovative ways of how to get products to you if you need them.

That might be by post, or it could be that a neighbour that lives near you might be able to pick up your goods when they’re in town.

If you need something, we are taking orders over the phone, or by email to save you time in the store.

We can ring you back with the cost of your purchase which can be paid for by card over the phone.

This will save you time and protect you from interaction with other people. We can also post your parcel to you.

If you ring us with cold and flu symptoms we will have no other choice but to tell you to ring your doctor first. That is the safest protocol that we can follow at this time.

We need to listen to the experts, protect each other, and save lives by staying at home, and practising social distancing when you have to go out.

Stay safe.

Natural Health Store, Market Cross, Kilkenny.

Phone; 056-7764538

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