Flexofytol an extract of turmeric

If you’re experiencing arthritic pain, frozen shoulder, or stiff knees you might be interested to hear about some success stories from our customers.
Turmeric is the most sought-after supplement to help reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, sports injury, or from over-stretched muscles. There lots of supplements to choose from. Some have black pepper/piperine to aid absorption. Some supplements are extracts of turmeric called curcumin and others contain the whole plant which naturally contains curcumin. It can be difficult to know which one to take.
Flexofytol has become our go to turmeric supplement for maintenance of joint flexibility and to limit the ageing of cartilage. When you look at this supplement it is difficult to tell what it is. You have a vague idea from the name on the packet which indicates it will help with flexibility. The dosage looks small compared to other products on the shelf. A lot of customers are surprised at first when we recommend this supplement.

This is why we like it: Tillman, the makers of Flexofytol have developed a patented process to improve the bioavailability of turmeric used in the product. This basically means that while it’s a small dose, the patented process is far more potent than the equivalent strength in a similar product that is not prepared in the same way. Up to 4,000 times more bioavailable than native turmeric yielding 1350 higher blood concentration.
The proof is in the pudding. the results that we hear about on a daily basis about Flexofytol have made this our number one turmeric product. We have heard from people who could not walk their knees were so painful, now they can move about and get out for walks again. One lady was almost in tears telling us how much better she felt. A gentleman couldn’t manage the hills in particular, now he can walk home from town without any discomfort. Another told us about how it is helping their frozen shoulder. This is only a sample of success stories.
We would have spoken to these people about diet and lifestyle changes that they could make too. And in some cases, we may have recommended other joint supporting nutrients to prevent further wear and tear..
I hope Flexofytol can help you. Call in to see us or give us a call to find out more.
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