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I think looking after our immune system is at the top of our list this year more than any other. Many of you, like me, will be trying to prevent common cold symptoms developing into respiratory problems. You won’t want to miss any days from work or your kids any days from school.
A healthy diet, lifestyle, getting enough sleep, exercise and water all support the immune system. While nature also provides us with herbs that have natural anti-viral properties to help protect us. Anti-viral herbs can include: elderberry, echinacea, garlic, lemon balm, thyme, and many more. These are all great additions to your armoury of defences.
Let’s take a look at Elderberry. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy. You’ll see herbal teas, and supplements like Sambucol on the shelves in our store. You might even make your own Elderberry tonic!
Sambucol is one of our most popular brands of elderberry. It’s the most researched elderberry-based product in the world with more than 25 years’ clinical studies. Research is showing that elderberries can support the normal functioning of the immune system, and can support and protect cells with the objective of preventing viral infections. Apart from scientific research it’s always great for us at the shop to have first-hand experience of these products to be able to share with you. Over the years we’ve had great feedback from customers about their experience of using Sambucol.
This is one parent’s story. “My son was getting respiratory infections every time he caught a common cold. He was constantly on antibiotics. A parent told me about Sambucol so I thought I have nothing to lose. I gave him Sambucol for Kids throughout the winter and he had no further cold that year. I now give it to him every year in an attempt to prevent respiratory problems, so far so good. I think every parent should know about this product.”
Sambucol for Kids tastes great and is suitable for ages 1-12. It’s perfect for back-to-school and the cold season which we are now in. For older children 12+ choose Sambucol Immune Forte. It offers all-year-round immune support and contains Zinc and vitamin C for extra support and is suitable for vegans.
Sambucol, another tool for prevention and support this year.

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