Balance your nerves with help from nature

By Clair Whitty, Nutritional Health Coach

Clair Whitty

CORONAVIRUS anxiety is very real.

I have had some experience of it myself and my brother Patrick who works with me is currently finding ways to deal with it.

Having experienced severe anxiety in the past Patrick recognised the warning signs when his anxiety reached new heights with coronavirus fears.

He was terrified to end up as bad as he had been with anxiety a number of years ago so he went to the doctor for help, fearing the natural remedies would not be strong enough.

His symptoms included chronic palpitations, nausea, and he went from hot to cold the whole time.

He was afraid too that he would get a heart attack, the anxiety was so intense. He was anxious and fearful about the downturn in business, anxious and worried about the potential loss of life.

Could not relax

He was worried for his family and the front line workers, he could not relax.

He took the medication but he didn’t like the way he felt on it. The medication made him feel worse.

The next day after taking it he couldn’t concentrate or focus properly. This went on for a couple of days.

He didn’t like feeling this way. While it did ease the anxiety a little, he couldn’t sleep and felt that this wouldn’t help.

After a few days he stopped the medication and took natural remedies that had worked before for him in the past for general anxiety.

He took Higher Nature Balance for Nerves, New Vistas ANX, and Rescue Remedy Night Spray.

He was delighted that this combination took the edge of his anxiety, and he felt much better with no side effects.

Lots you can talk to

It’s not totally gone but he can keep it in perspective a bit better. He feels much more in control now.

He does mindfulness meditation before bed. And uses techniques shown to him which include putting the fears into a box, thinking only of the present moment and what is happening now, and to focus only on the positive.

He said being able to do this was just as important as any medication or supplements.

If you too are affected by coronavirus anxieties there are lots of people who you can talk to. You don’t have to do this alone.

Stay safe.

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