Streets of shame as distancing is dumped

Comment: Jimmy Rhatigan

TEMPTING FATE by taking actions that risk our own lives is nothing short of crazy.

Behaving in a manner that puts the lives of others at risk has to be the utmost in selfishness and reckless behaviour.

Sadly, there were those in our city today, Wednesday, who were guilty of crimes against themselves and, worse still, of putting the wellbeing of others in danger.

Up to now, a majority of our people has shown a wonderful commitment to observing what is termed safe distancing, at the request of our top medics in tandem with our caretaker Government.

Apart from a few disappointing transgressions in recent weeks, our people have flown the black and amber with pride by observing the rules, admittedly big but vital asks as we fight a deadly war with Coronavirus.

The greater Kilkenny community has been splendid.

But, sadly, many masks slipped today.

Distancing was thrown to the mostly kind wind that accompanied a warm sun as men and women put their own lives on the line, and, shamefully, dealt another blow to our seniors.

Mostly at risk

The latter are those mostly at risk from Corona, who have already been dealt a cruel hand as elderly and ill in nursing and care homes continue to be sitting ducks.

The Kilkenny Observer has been contacted by several concerned people who described the actions of some sun worshippers as disgraceful.

Other adjectives used to describe what, we are told, was a woeful abuse of health’s distancing rule are best left out of a family newspaper.

In Dublin a peaceful protest by Debenhams workers to highlight what some called cruel treatment as they lost their jobs, had time called on them by Gardai even though the distraught employees were observing distancing rules.

In Kilkenny today it was open season, truly disappointing as little or no attempt was made to observe health and safety measures.

Somewhere in between the respective cities may lie towns called Common Sense and Respect.

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