Allergy related sinus problems


Allergy related sinus problems are a real nuisance, not only are they painful but it can be difficult to figure out what the allergen is.

Linda knows all about sinus problems. She has been telling me about her son, and how she got great results with some natural remedies. Her son had a sinus infection but it was being aggravated by an airborne allergen. She hasn’t been able to figure out exactly what that is but she has been able to help him get relief from the pain and the discomfort.

Her son’s symptoms included a blocked nose, painful sinuses with pain over the forehead and in the jaw bone area. He had nasal congestion and headaches. He felt miserable, tired and not in the mood for much, which is not like him, Linda said. It even affected his appetite which is normally very good.

Linda chose Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex, as this is a popular choice at the shop for sinus and hayfever problems associated with airborne allergens especially during pollen season. It’s called All Seasons simply because you can experience symptoms all year round. All Seasons contains Astragalus, Angelica, and peppermint.

For extra immune support she added in Irish Botanica Mushroom Complex capsules. This is another customer favourite and a staff favourite too. Leah in our Kilkenny Store finds this one fantastic for immune support and helping dealing with the symptoms of hayfever.

Linda chose the Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex to help with seasonal symptoms and the Mushroom Complex to support immunity. She wanted to cover all the bases. After a few days her son’s symptoms eased and he was returning to his old self full of energy and get up and go. She was delighted with the results and is now telling everyone she can about her son’s success using these remedies. Unfortunately, there are lots of people experiencing these symptoms so I thought I would share her feedback with you all.

This combination may also be beneficial for anyone suffering with allergic rhinitis, hay fever associated with airborne toxins including perfumes, animal dander, dust mites as well as pollen.

I hope you can find some relief if you have any questions why not give us a call or pop us an email, we would love to help.

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