Your nails can be an indicator of your overall health


Your nails can be an indicator of your overall health so it is worth looking at them to see what information you’ll find. Healthy nails should be pink with a mild sheen and have a nice round shape. They shouldn’t be brittle or break easily, nor should they have spots or grooves.

Here are some health indicators from your nails: nails that are weak, peeling or brittle can be a sign that you have low stomach acid, this might be the only indicator that this is the case. It could be a sign that you are low in Vitamin A, B vitamins or Silica. Taking Apple cider vinegar mixed in water could be a simple way to help balance your stomach acid.

White spots on the nails can indicate a zinc deficiency. Meat, fish, shellfish, and pumpkin seeds are the top sources of zinc.

Fungal nail infections can be unsightly and embarrassing. Dietary changes and supplements to kill of the fungal overgrowth will be needed.

Hangnails can be a sign that you are low in folic acid, B vitamins or vitamin C.

Vertical ridges in the nails can indicate low iron, or there could be something going on in the lung area.

Horizontal ridges could be associated with gout, and circulation problems.

Small bulges can be a sign of iron deficiency.

Yellow nails might be a sign of gallbladder problems.

Brown nails could mean that your adrenal glands are under stress.

For overall nail health there’s New Nordic Hair Volume Plus Nail Strong. This contains important nutrients for healthy hair and strong nails. It contains horsetail (a natural source of silica), amino acids, biotin, zinc, apple extract and orthosilicic acid, each tablet nourishes and activates the life processes of hair follicle cells and nail matrix cells. It’s suitable for men and women.

I think it’s fantastic that our nails can give us clues as to what’s going on inside our body. This could be a nutritional deficiency that is easily resolved, or a medical problem that needs attention. If you have ongoing issues sitting down with a Nutritional Therapist could be a good idea. They will look at your overall health, diet, and lifestyle and help you get back on track. Take a look at your nails and see what tales they will tell.

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