With love to a granny in lockdown

A 15 year old student of Presentation, Kilkenny has penned a beautiful poem to a granny she loves dearly.

Stephanie Dunne wrote the poem as part of her homework for her English teacher.

The verses are all about the Coronavirus with her granny in mind.

Stephanie was busy studying for her Junior Certificate which she is doing through her school but the gran she cherishes was always on her mind.

Her sister er HHerGeorgina is doing first year summer exams and brother Jonathan is in fifth class and studying away with the aid of a laptop.

Sher dedicated the verses to her granny and with all the people on lockdown in Gran has has 11 children, two in England and nine Ireland and all do a day with her from 3pn to 9pm,sitting in their cars or in her yard chatting to chatting to their mother while keeping their distance.

Stephanie told The Observer that she wanted to share the poem because she believed the poem had hope in it and was very complete.

As it came from a 15 year old during a crisis her granny said if she can get through this so can everyone, just reading or listening to the poem.

“Our children are our future,” Granny Wall reminded.

Stephanie is described as very diligent, kind, humble child. Her school is definitely an influence on her.

Mr Hallahan is principal, Miss Champion and Mr Reynolds as vice-principals and all the teachers teach and guide the children.

The poem is titled You Are Not Alone:

You Are Not Alone
I know it feels like the world is ending,
However in reality the world is mending
Free from the poison of the modern world
The treatment of which we have simply observed
For countless years we have abused
Ruined, overworked and overused
This place that we refer to as home
We have taken control of, called it our own
So one good thing that we can’t recreate
Is that the world is returning to its primitive state

I know it feels like you are trapped
As if your freedom has been attacked
Watching the clock go tick tock
In an ultimate deadlock
Confined to a single space
Enclosed, encompassed, encased
A nighthawk in a cage
Like an actor without their stage
A songbird without their song
It simply translates as wrong
Nowhere to go, nowhere to be
Nothing to do, no one to see
A change in life, but not a tragedy
As we can spend it with our family

I know it feels like you’re in danger
You’ve become scared of every stranger
Counting regulations in your head
Memorising them in your bed
Unable to sleep
The nightmares seep
From the unforgiving night to the day
Listening to what everyone has to say
The news reports telling you the virus was contrived
The news reports telling you it was a complete surprise
Turn off your TV, switch off your phone
You’ll be ok, just stay at home

I know it feels like your alone, overwhelmed defeated
Your hope has been completely depleted
Lost in a swirl of chronic anxiety
In this unfamiliar society
Watching the ruthless devastation
For which there is no consolation
The ones who are struggling to survive
The ones who didn’t make it out alive
Each day the death toll feels multiplied
You feel as if all your tears have been cried
An issue that just will not be held accountable
And it seems to have become insurmountable

But throughout this crisis
Remember not that but this
The nameless heroes who fight against this pain
Who continue through the incessant rain
The people who fight day and night
So that another soul can see the daylight
The efforts made by each and all
To bring this to a complete stall
The ones who died shall always be remembered
Their lives and memories forever treasured

I know it all seems cruel but you must see
This is the greatest show of humanity

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