Are you talking about the menopause?


October is menopause awareness month and at Natural Health Store we have been talking to women about the menopause for years. It is a natural conversation for us to have every day so I was surprised to realise how many women are not talking to each other about it.

When I look back to when I started perimenopause almost 20 years ago, back then we didn’t use the word perimenopause. We just said we were going through the menopause or going through the change. My journey started when I was forty. I remember it clearly, I was at my fortieth birthday party after work, and for the first time in my life I experienced social anxiety. At the time I thought it was just me and didn’t realise that it was in fact the beginning of my menopausal journey.

20 years ago, we really only talked about the menopause if we had hot flushes and night sweats. I sometimes wonder do we experience more symptoms now than we did 20 years ago or have the symptoms become more severe? If so, is it the extreme stress and busyness of our lives that hinder our ability to cope with these symptoms? Or is it that we are just more aware of our symptoms today?

Perimenopause can affect your mood, energy, sleep, weight, confidence, joint pain, skin health and digestive health. Your concentration and memory can be affected too.

NHP Meno Herbal Support is a supplement that could help. It’s formulated by Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD, she is the UK’S leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. NHP Menoherbal Support is her go to menopause supplement for natural balance of hormones.

It has a nice mix of Fermented Soya Isoflavones and Red Clover, two phytoestrogens to help with hormone balance. Improving hormone balance can help you deal with symptoms associated with hormonal changes. You could see improvements in your mood, energy, skin, libido, and joint pain.

It contains Sage the popular herb used to help relieve hot flushes and night sweats. Dandelion is included and is great for liver/gallbladder support. The liver is an important organ to support the healthy digestion of fat and for proper hormone metabolism.

It also has flaxseeds for hormone health and a good source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Vitamin B6 is helpful for the regulation of hormonal activity and to helps with the reduction of tiredness. Hops is traditionally used for supporting of the nervous system aiding relaxation and a sense of calmness.

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