What’s new for menopause?


There are lots of supplements to help the journey from perimenopause to menopause and beyond. We have had a couple of new ones in and I mentioned I would tell you about them. This week it’s NORVIA® Menopause and it is proudly produced in Ireland. NORVIA® Menopause is a protein-rich, plant-based, powdered nutritional formula designed to support active women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance and uncomfortable menopause symptoms. It is so easy to take, vanilla flavoured and tastes delicious. In a shaker simply add one sachet to 100 ml of water, shake well, drink, and you are ready to go. It’s perfect for those who cannot or do not like to take capsules or tablets.

New research by NORVIA® Nutrition shows that 40% of women living in Ireland in perimenopause and menopause are exercising less due to fatigue from lack of sleep. I think a lot of you will relate to tiredness from lack of sleep. It’s a vicious circle, you can be too tired to exercise, but exercise may help you feel better and perhaps help you get a good night’s sleep. With this in mind, NORVIA® are encouraging you to stretch, exercise and move more because they know that even gentle forms of exercise can improve some of your symptoms.

Other factors noted as reasons for not exercising include; weight gain and bloating (19%), changes in mood and feelings of anxiety (10%) as well as aches, pains and stiffness in their joints (9%). I think we can relate to these too. They are just some of the 40+ common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

NORVIA® Menopause was formulated by Dr Lars Høie MD PhD, Dr Philos and contains unique soybean properties including soy isoflavones plus B Vitamins, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Magnesium and Calcium. NORVIA® Menopause contains Vitamin B6 which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and psychological function, vitamin B12 and magnesium which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and calcium which contributes to normal muscle function and the maintenance of normal bones. It’s dairy-free, yeast-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, contains no artificial colours or preservatives, no MSG and is suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians. Each pack contains 28 one-a-day sachets.

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