The Nore Vision has news!

The board of Nore Vision – Nore River Catchment Trust is delighted to announce the launch of its new website on Tuesday 21st February 2023. The new site is part of a project funded by Kilkenny Leader Partnership and the TOMAR Trust. Designer Bill Hollingsworth, OystercatcherTF was appointed to develop a new logo, website and digital communication strategy for the trust. The project also included the design of a new logo and communication strategy. The website has lots of information on projects, upcoming events and a facility for friends to join up.

When it came to the logo, the designer felt the river should play a central part. The river essentially is natural, fluid, creates its own form and shape and, of course, is made from water. We wanted our logo roundel to have the same qualities. We asked Kilkenny artist Michelle McMahon to help. Using water from the river we created a design in watercolour which is: Organic (made by a human being rather than a machine), Fluid (not regular, not structured, multi-layered, at different levels both transparent and opaque), Self-creating (using the guiding hand of the artist, allow the colours to take their own form, to bleed into each other and to overlap in layers as the medium takes defines), Made from water (using actual Nore water in a watercolour roundel). Michelle worked with her woman’s art group and almost a dozen roundel designs were created, from which we chose one. We are delighted with the result, delighted that the river itself played its part and feel it reflects the qualities we hoped for. Nore Vision believes fully in collaboration and we are very conscious that we can achieve much more by working with stakeholder, agencies and communities. We are pleased that our ethos of collaboration is reflected in our new logo.

In other good news, We are hiring!

Nore Vision- NRCT are delighted to announce that we are hiring a temporary Project Assistant (Subject to funding).

A strategic plan for the trust was developed in 2021 and a project leader was appointed in June 2022. Following a very busy and successful 2022, Nore Vision now wants to recruit a Project Assistant to further progress the delivery of their strategy.

Job description and details can be downloaded here Nore River Catchment Trust Project Assistant 2023. Any queries can be emailed to Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 3rd March.


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