The Kilquan players


Due to popular demand, The Kilquan Players are delighted to announce that they will be performing their play “Anyone could rob a Bank” by Thomas Coffey in Coon Hall on Saturday, 11th March, 2023 at 8 pm sharp for one night only. The play was performed for five nights and was a huge success for all involved.

The play is directed by Benny Mills. With a cast of eight (6m/2f), the play is set in the kitchen of Badger Grey’s house at the back of his shop. Having read of an unsuccessful bank robbery in Dublin, Badger and his friends Jerreen and Windy plan a ‘successful’ robbery of their own, just to show how it could be done while having no intention of doing it themselves. To the town’s amazement there is a bank robbery two days later, carried out in accordance with their very plan!. When they wake up to the news, they begin to suspect each other. The mayhem, accusations and shenanigans that follow the robbery make for some side-splitting drama.

You’ll meet the gruff spoken Badger (played by Martin Murphy) and his hair-brained wife Sarah (Ann Tunstead). There’s Noreen (Jamie Holohan), their pretty flirtatious daughter who has a crush on the local Sergeant (Brian Fitzpatrick) while at the same time being attracted to Tony (Tom Brennan), a businessman who is in town for a few days.

Then there is Badger’s brother Jerreen (Tom Murphy), and his nephew Mickey (Patrick Healy), a wanna-be boxer who is an apprentice to Jerreen. Throw Badger’s next-door neighbour Windy (Benny Mills) into the mix and you have a right good crew for all the wrong reasons.

This side splitting comedy will have the audience rolling in their seats.

It’s advisable to come early to book your seat as the Drama Group don’t want to disappoint people on the night

Admission is €10.


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