Savour(ing) Art at Butler Gallery

Kilkenny, October 27-30th – As part of the renowned Savour Kilkenny festival, Butler Gallery is proud to introduce “Savour(ing) Art” – a trailblazing programme that mingles the realms of culinary expertise and artistic expression. Designed to entice both tourists and locals alike, these events will offer audiences an innovative perspective on art through the lens of food and drink.

“Imbibing Art” – Art Tour, Mixology, and Tasting: Dive into the vibrant world of art with an exhilarating tour peppered with tailored cocktails and libations. Guided by Food Designer Clare Anne O’Keefe and Colin Hession of L.Mulligan Grocer, participants will embark on a sensorial exploration, as art is translated and activated through thoughtfully crafted beverages. This lively experience promises a fun-filled immersion into the gallery’s treasured exhibitions.

“Wild Milsean” – A Children’s Food and Art Workshop: Set within Butler Gallery’s Learning Centre this workshop offers young culinary enthusiasts a chance to craft a delightful Halloween treat using Irish Dairy Milk. Alongside this, participants will gain insights into the global history of milk candy, the enchanting process of turning milk into paint, and the intriguing narrative of rewilding that threads through Colman’s art.

“Wild Art and Food | A Conversation”: Enter a world where food speaks the language of art. Food Designer Clare Anne O’Keefe joins forces with acclaimed artist Eamon Colman to lead a captivating conversation and live demonstration. Drawing inspiration from Colman’s portrayal of environmental fragility, attendees will witness the creation of dishes echoing the ethos that all beauty, albeit occasionally damaged, arises from nature’s embrace. This event heralds the resurrection of dishes first conceptualised by Colman at Noma, Copenhagen.

“Wild Samhain Cheese Workshop”: Dive deep into a tactile and gastronomic adventure as participants craft their very own soft cheese masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the changing seasons and age-old traditions of Samhain. Each cheese creation is meticulously coloured with organic food paints and adorned with handpicked wild herbs, perfectly encapsulating the delicate balance and harmony that exists between culture and nature. This workshop is more than just a culinary lesson; it’s an artistic experience that intertwines with the rich tapestry of our environmental heritage.

Seeking to entice new local visitors and to showcase Butler Gallery as an outstanding destination to the Savour Kilkenny audience, “Savour(ing) Art” is more than an event – it’s an experience.

Gallery Visits & Guided Tours

Visit the gallery any time or join an engaging walk-through of modern and contemporary Irish art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Our friendly and experienced tour guides introduce you to the wonderful artworks in both our Collection and O’Malley galleries along with the fascinating history of our Medieval location and refurbished Georgian building.

Saturday and Sunday | Free all day with tour at 3pm.


Venue: Butler Gallery at Evans’ Home, John’s Quay, Kilkenny.

Dates: Events run throughout the Savour Kilkenny 2023 festival. Specific event timings and ticket prices vary.

Booking: Tickets available at

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We are delighted to be part of the Savour(ing) Art programme of events at Butler Gallery and see it as an exciting new avenue for audience engagement with Butler Gallery’s collection and exhibitions programme. Savour(ing) Art will give audiences opportunities to look closely at artwork in the gallery and to create culinary responses to that work, in a way that is fun and thoughtful and uncovers a deeper context around how and why artists make work.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Savour Kilkenny audiences to Butler Gallery on Saturday 28th and 29th October and discovering together.

Jean Mann, Assistant Curator of Learning and Public Engagement at Butler Gallery.

Over a decade of association with Savour Kilkenny has shown me its ever-evolving spirit, and this year, we’re inviting you to taste, savour, and appreciate art. So, come, immerse yourself in this flavorful journey, and let’s rediscover the essence of art and food, together. Nestled in the splendid Learning Centre of Butler Gallery, participants will discover wild food, evocative art, and sheer fun. It’s more than an event—it’s an exploration of senses, and a celebration of the deep-rooted connection between the culinary and the artistic.

Clare Anne O’Keefe, Food Designer

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