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Do you need to recharge your body and mind? Solgar’s Ester C Plus 24 Hour Immune Support is a supplement that supports immunity, energy, brain function, and daily wellbeing. It’s formulated to help you feel energised, alert, and recharged.

This time of the year the kids are on holiday and you might be feeling worn out with entertaining them. You may have had visitors, and while it’s lovely to see your friends and family you can feel drained afterwards. Juggling home, social, and work life can be taxing. Your energy can become depleted and when you are busy like this your immune system can take a dive.

Our Nutritional Therapist chose Ester C Plus for her teenage son. He’s vegetarian, active, sporty, and always on the go. She felt he needed extra support and liked that it has good levels of vitamin C, D, Zinc, and B12, all important for a vegetarian diet. He stayed fit and healthy and managed to fight off all the common illnesses doing the rounds. It got the thumbs up from her!

Solgar Ester C Plus Effervescent is a refreshing orange flavoured supplement formulated to help get you through the day all year round. Packed with scientifically studied Ester-C®, B-vitamins, zinc and more, it provides 24-hour immune support to help to you to recharge. Often taken to help deal with a cold or support recovery after illness, we love the fact you can throw the sachets in your bag and take them with you on the go, great for travelling, when you’re busy preparing the kids for back to school, the gym and work.

It contains Ester C for the normal function of the immune system. Ester-C® vitamin C stays in the body longer than standard vitamin C forms and provides 24-hour immune support.

It is more easily absorbed than other types of vitamin C and is gentle on the stomach. There’s B vitamins for energy release, Zinc for immunity and cognitive support, and Magnesium for electrolyte balance support. Simply take one sachet, mixed in water, your morning smoothie or even to zing up your protein drink once a day. This effervescent format is ideal for anyone who has difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets.

Recharge your Body and Mind with Solgar Ester C Plus 24 hour Immune Support.

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