Natural solutions for anxiety in young children


Natural solutions to help children deal with anxiety, constipation, or nightmares are just some of the questions I get asked at the shop on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, there are lots of young children who are experiencing anxiety, especially around school, and thankfully there is help available. Depending on their age, there’s supplements they can try like Magnesium, Higher Nature Balance for Nerves, or A.Vogel Passiflora, these are ones I have talked about before. There’s also Flower Remedies and my favourite Flower Remedy is Aspen; it helps when there are feelings of anxiety which can also cause pain in the little one’s tummy. You add some drops to water or any drink. Healing crystals are popular among young children, a favourite one for anxiety is Blue Lace Agate, although any crystal they are drawn to could help. After cleansing the crystal your child can keep it in their pocket, under their pillow, or simply on a shelf near them.

Bad dreams or nightmares are tough for you and your little one to experience. Once again crystals under their pillow could help them relax. Let them choose one and see if it matches their needs, they are often drawn to the very crystal they need. Dream catchers are a good idea too, they are hung over their bed and are said to catch the bad dreams so that they don’t hurt you. The good dreams reach the sleeping child to comfort them.

Californian Poppy made by Viridian is a herbal tincture you can add to water to help them get a better night’s sleep nightmare free.

Constipation is a common problem in kids, it is often associated with lack of fibre in their diet. But anxiety could also be a contributing factor. Choose Optibac Bifido and Fibre Probiotics for Constipation, or Udo’s Choice Children’s blend to help if it’s more likely to be diet, or after antibiotics. They contain good bacteria that can support gut health. If you think constipation is associated with anxiety about having to use public toilets or fear about hurting themselves, take a look at Jan De Vries Bowel Essence. It can help them relax and feel less nervous about going to the toilet outside of their home. It can be added to a drink of any type.

Hopefully these tips will help.


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