Mayor Fitzgerald honours Kilkenny Storm members who represented Ireland on the International Stage

Left to right: Jamie O’Brien, Zach Cummins, Robbie young, Hallie Cummins, Mayor Fitzgerald, Bryce Cummins, Cameron McFarlane, Adam Fomin

Mayor of Kilkenny, Cllr David FitzGerald has hosted ‘Kilkenny Storm’ in the Town Hall to honour their recent success on the international stage.

The local young players represented the Irish inline hockey team in Montreal, Germany and Kuwait.

Earlier this month, Bryce Cummins ( 17), Cameron Mcfarlane (16), Jamie O’Brien (16), Adam Fomin (17) and Robbie Young (16) all played on the Irish national u18’s Junior Men’s team in Montreal Canada ,where they won three out of six games which was a fantastic achievement.

In Kuwait 15 year old Hallie Cummins played for the Senior Ladies National Ice Hockey team at the Ladies Development Cup.

Hallie was the youngest person to ever play on a Irish Senior National Ice Hockey team and was also the first to score.

Last May in Germany, Zac Cummins (21) and Alec Young (18) played on the Senior National Ice Hockey Team in Men’s development cup in May placing third in the tournament.

Both these players were also picked to play in the World Championships in Argentina on the Irish inline Hockey Team, however were unable to attend due to costs.

Speaking at the event Cllr FitzGerald said: “It is important to acknowledge the dedication of the younger players and their families to the inline hockey here in Kilkenny. I particularly want to pay tribute to your coach Paul Cummins who not only spends hours traveling to training sessions every week, but is also a voice and campaigner for the minority sports here in Kilkenny. As Mayor of Kilkenny, I am proud to stand in a room among international players. Ice hockey may be a minority sport, but you have put Kilkenny on the map in your efforts playing globally in recent months. Congratulations and continued success to Kilkenny Storm. ’’

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