Mass times – Kilkenny

Christmas Eve

  • St Mary’s Cathedral 9.00am
  • Dominican Black Abbey 10.30am
  • Dominican Black Abbey 1.05pm
  • St Mary’s Cathedral 4.00pm
  • St Mary’s Cathedral 6.00pm
  • St Canice’s Church 5.30pm
  • Capuchin Friary 5.40pm
  • St. John’s Church 6.00pm
  • Castlecomer Church 6.00pm
  • Dominican Black Abbey 6.10pm
  • Dunmore Church 7.00pm
  • St Canice’s Church 7.30pm
  • Tulla Church 7.30pm
  • Johnswell Church 8.00pm
  • Ballyragget Church 8.00pm
  • St John’s Church 9.00pm
  • St Fiacre’s Church 9.00pm
  • Capuchin Friary 9.00pm
  • Dominican Black Abbey 9.00pm
  • St Patrick’s Church 12.00am

Christmas Day

  • St. John’s Church 8.00am
  • Castlecomer Church 8.00am
  • St Mary’s Cathedral 9.00am
  • St Patrick’s Church 9.30am
  • Castlecomer Church 9.45am
  • Johnswell Church 10.00am
  • St Joseph’s Church Foulkstown 10.00am
  • St Canice’s Church 10.00am
  • St Fiacre’s Church 10.30am
  • Capuchin Friary 10.30am
  • Ballyragget Church 10.30am
  • St Mary’s Cathedral 11.00am
  • Dunmore Church 11.00am
  • St. Lachtains Church 11.00am
  • Castlecomer Church 11.00am
  • St John’s Church 11.30am
  • St Canice’s Church 11.30am
  • St Fiacre’s Church 12.00pm
  • Capuchin Friary 12.00pm
  • St Patrick’s Church 12.30pm
  • St John’s Church (Polish) 1.00pm
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