Maintaining weight naturally


Are you post-menopausal and trying to maintain your weight naturally? Being post-menopausal myself, I know that this can be difficult. But I think a balanced diet, not worrying about calorie counting, looking after gut health, adequate sleep, and keeping stress under control, as best I can, all help.

My personal way is to stick with three meals per day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the ideal world, dinner should be in the middle of the day but that doesn’t work for me so I have dinner in the evening. Exercise is an important part of weight control; I am on my feet a lot and get my steps in through work and other than that walking is my main form of exercise these days.

I believe in balance, variety, and moderation. So I do have a coffee, a sweet treat and an odd drink. I think the stress about having to avoid these things permanently would cause such havoc with my stress hormones that I would gain pounds just from the stress.

Aim to have protein with each meal, this helps satisfaction, so you are not looking for food so quickly after eating. Eggs are versatile in this regard as they can be part of any meal. Meat, fish, lentils, nuts, and seeds, avocado would be sources of protein. If you struggle with protein then you could top up with hemp, rice, or pea protein powders for example.

To support metabolism and fat burning there’s apple cider vinegar, (or New Nordic Apple Cider Tablets, formulated to help maintain normal fluid balance and support digestion.) chilli, ginger, dandelion, or green tea, or organic pure cacao.

Stress, inflammation, and maintaining blood sugars are part of managing weight. Foods to help include: Ashwagandha for managing stress. Turmeric to manage inflammation, and Cinnamon added to food to help balance blood sugars.

To boost things along you could try New Nordic Fat Burner. It contains yerba mate, black cumin, ginger, green tea, milk thistle, and choline, which help normal metabolism of fat, and to help curb the appetite. Yerba mate is traditionally used to burn stored fat, converting it to energy. If the fat is used for energy, it won’t be sitting on your hips! Black Cumin Seed may speed metabolism and burn calories more effectively.

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