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Working in the natural health business is an exciting place to work as there is always something new to talk about. We love when we find something that is locally made, or a new supplement to solve a problem, especially digestive issues. Let me tell me about two of these new products.

Soft Paws soaps are made locally in Rosslare by Tata. Soap making has always been a passion of hers and now she has turned it into an exciting new business venture. She moved to Ireland a couple of years ago with her family and her pets to start a new life here in County Wexford. Soft Paws Cosmetics was born out of her passion for animals, and her dedication to using ingredients that are safe for both people and the environment. I love the fact that all the Soft Paw soaps have the name of different animals such as Fierce Lioness, FlaminGlow, or Monkey Business. These local soaps are beautifully presented, they will leave your skin soft and well-hydrated, plus they smell amazing. And most importantly, she uses only natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. We think you will love these soaps as much as we do.

Solo FloraFifty microbiotic is a new microbiotic supplement to support gut health. Solo Ultra® Magnesium 375mg and Turmeric 1200mg are two of our most popular supplements so we are delighted to try this one too. Solo Nutrition’s extra high potency FloraFifty contains a total of 50 billion live ‘friendly’ bacteria, consisting of 22 different strains plus the prebiotic fibres inulin and psyllium husks. They have developed a delayed-release capsule to help the ‘friendly’ bacteria pass the stomach and reach the intestines intact. Their biochemists who enthusiastically developed this product boast that there is nothing like this on the market! The benefit of combining the bacterial strains with prebiotics is that the prebiotics provide food for the bacteria to flourish and grow once they reach the gut. Stress, antibiotics, and a diet that has too many processed foods, especially sugar, will have a negative effect on the bacteria that live in your gut. You might be interested to try this new supplement, no harm in changing it up a bit.

It is also nice when new products become permanent products like NHP Advanced Sleep Support, this has become one of our fastest selling supplements to help get a good night’s sleep. Many of our customers are delighted with it as it helps them to get to sleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and helps to switch off unwanted thoughts that normally persist all night long.

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