Live online counselling

By Michelle Dullard, Counselling and Psychotherapy

COMMUNICATION can happen over many forms, and now more then ever, we are communicating in ways that do not involve being physically present.

With most services from retail, businesses, banking, training providers, gyms and personal training, nutritional, Yoga, and even musicians and entertainers streaming live sessions from their sitting rooms, then it is natural and realistic that the service of Counselling and Psychotherapy can take place Online.

Types of Online Therapy are:
Text/Instant messaging
Audio/Phone call
Video Call

Online Therapy using video call is seen as the closest to face to face counselling, but there are many advantages to any of the ways you might choose to use, and studies have shown that the outcomes can be equal, which is great news.

So having more options for managing and overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, or discovering our strengths and coping skill?? Yes Please 😊
Some advantages are – (these are the practical ones)

  • It’s cheaper – Parking fees, diesel/petrol, no need to incur these costs.
  • Distance no issue – Therapy can take place regardless of distance.
  • Time efficient – Saves on time as no need to travel to appointments. A practical solution to a busy schedule
  • Sessions can happen from anywhere – While I would encourage you to choose a quiet uninterrupted dedicated space in your home for the sessions, realistically, you can log on for your session from anywhere you have an opportunity for privacy.
  • Rescheduling – From the point of view of both therapist and client this is much easier to manage. I’d encourage you to stick to arranged sessions.
  • So much can come from the commitment, dedication and accountability in the sessions which can reflect on how you approach other areas of your life.
    Some other advantages to look at (these are the therapeutic ones)
  • Online therapy is for you – Online therapy can be just the right starting point for some people that otherwise could not bring themselves to walk into a therapy room.
  • *It is important to note here and recognise that we all have our own ways and wants. One size does not fit for all, and to view our choices as weak, strong, right, wrong is a waste of heartache.
  • Your ways are yours, and are nobody else’s business for opinion or judgement*
  • Balance between client and therapist – The first time arriving for a face to face therapy session can feel nerve racking or intimidating. The dynamic to online therapy can have a much more relaxed and equal feel to it.
  • Blended methods – the use of messaging, phone or video can be used at different stages of the process, whether that’s for practical reasons, or emotional ones.

I am offering online therapy at the moment, free of charge during the time of staying safe and staying home due to Covid-19.

You can get me on Instagram and Facebook Michelle Dullard @lost_in therapy

Phone/Text 085-8487640


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