Let’s talk about bladder infection


Urinary tract infection or UTI’s as they are commonly called can be seen in adults, both male and female. Young children can have them too. A bladder infection can lead to kidney infection if not treated.

Symptoms can include an uncomfortable feeling in your lower abdomen with pressure in the groin area. You might have the need to pass water frequently. Your urine will most likely be cloudy. Cystitis is a common bladder problem if you have this, you’ll experience painful stinging or burning sensation at the end of urinating. Some of you will resist drinking water as you don’t want to go to the toilet too often on account of the discomfort caused when urinating. Drinking water is important as concentrated urine is extremely irritating to the bladder. Aim to drink one and a half litres of water per day.

Supplements can include D Mannose, Cranberry, and Optibac For Women. If you get recurring infections, I would suggest a combination of all three. Optibac For Women is a probiotic that can be taken alongside antibiotics to help keep the delicate pH in balance and help prevent recurring infection. D-mannose attaches itself to the bad bacteria and flushes them out of your system. Cranberries may help prevent the bad bacteria that causes infection from sticking to the wall of the bladder. Cranberry juice is refreshing and will help you get extra fluids in. Choose a sugar one like Biona Cranberry Juice, as sugar will only aggravate the problem.

For less frequent infections I would suggest Quest Cranbiotix it contains probiotics and cranberry in the one formula and is one that I have taken myself. It worked quickly and got me back on track.

Children can get UTI’s too, for them there’s Waterfall D-Mannose Children, it can be taken off the spoon or mixed with water. It helps reduce frequent urination caused by urinary tract infections. It flushes out E.Coli bacteria, the bacteria responsible for most bladder infections.

A.Vogel Golden Rod tea is one of the best teas that you can drink to support the urinary tract. Foods to avoid include tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, red meat, and sugar because they affect pH balance. Salty and spicy foods can irritate the bladder.

I hope this information helps you have a healthy bladder.

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