Let’s feel good with Solgar Ultimate Calm


Are you trying to live your best life but this isn’t working out for you? Maybe because you’re feeling worn out, tired, and not sleeping well? Or you’re under pressure or overwhelmed with daily life. Is your head spinning and won’t switch off? Are you feeling low in mood but don’t know why?

One customer, Mary, I spoke with, felt a bit like this. She told me that she didn’t realise that she was stressed or that she was overwhelmed until her colleague pointed out a few things to her. He suggested that she try Solgar Ultimate Calm, she said that she would give it a try, she had nothing to lose. After one week she said that it kicked in. What she found was that her sleep improved she was back to getting to sleep by ten instead of after twelve. She noticed an improvement in her mood. Plus, her appetite returned and she was eating normally again. One of the big things was that she was able to focus on the issues she had to deal with and to prioritise them. She felt that she could figure out what she could or couldn’t do and had a clearer perspective on things. The great thing is, she didn’t need to take bottles of it to get her back on track, as a short-term solution she said it worked quite quickly for her. She feels great and she knows it’s there if she needs it again.

Solgar’s Ultimate Calm is the perfect choice if you can relate to Mary’s story. Ultimate Calm contains two clinically studied ingredients, Ashwagandha KSM-66® and Affron Saffron ®. Ashwagandha is celebrated for its adaptogenic properties promoting mindfulness and to help calm a busy mind. Saffron, a potent spice, has a history of use to support emotional wellbeing and a positive mood. One tablet a day is all that’s needed on those occasional days when you’re feeling under pressure or need a little extra support. It combines well with magnesium and b vitamins so if you already take these, there’s no need to stop taking them. And we are delighted to tell you that it’s on promotion in store and online for the month of August.

We have a wide range of supplements to support your mood. Call in or give us a call so that we can help you choose the one that will work best for you.

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