Let’s celebrate Mother’s day


Mother’s Day 2022. It’s difficult to believe that after two years we can finally meet up for Mother’s Day and maybe go for coffee or lunch, and hug each other properly to celebrate the occasion.

This year I have fantastic news, my daughter is now a mother too, she had her first baby on Valentine’s Day 2022. I am now a grandmother and have entered a new phase of life which I am sure I am going to enjoy.

I don’t put too much pass on gifts for Mother’s Day, I used to say to the lads when they were younger not to be buying me things, that a hug, a home-made card, or maybe do some little thing in the house for me would be good, any of those ideas would be perfect. That was and still is all I need. Or a phone call if they can’t make it home and they have the time in their lives to call. I do however treat it as my day, and I generally take it easy, that usually works out quite well.

Now, if I was to treat myself to a gift, and there is no harm in that, I would get myself one of the Trilogy Facial Serums, I haven’t had one in a while. I forgot to replace the last one I had. I have tried several of the Trilogy Serums and I have to say I like them. But I think I prefer the CoQ10 Booster Serum most of all. I think it’s partly psychological, the word booster on the pack, my skin always has a lovely glow when I use it. And now that the masks are coming off, I know I will be more conscious of how my skin looks so it’s a perfect time to treat myself. The Serum should boost skin recovery, improve radiance, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too. This CoQ10 Booster Serum has proven results showing an average reduction of wrinkles by 27% over six weeks, I like the sound of that. It contains tamanu, macadamia, and black caraway oils to nourish and refresh the skin.

Whatever way you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope it will be a good one and that you have a great day.

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