Kilkenny County Council presents digital recordings of historic medieval buildings

L to R : Nicolaas Louw A/Senior Planner KCC, Dr. Paul Stevens, Cathaoirleach Cllr. Michael Doyle, Mayor Cllr. Joe Malone, Francis Coady Conservation Officer KCC, Dr. Fergal Donoghue

With the unveiling of digital recordings of the City’s iconic medieval structures, Kilkenny County Council is taking a significant stride towards preserving and sharing its rich heritage. This initiative, aimed at enhancing both local appreciation and visitor experience, reaffirms the Council’s commitment to conserving Kilkenny’s architectural legacy.

Scheduled for release on August 16th, 2023, the first part of this exciting initiative showcases digital recordings of the renowned Shee Alms House. These recordings support the Council’s ongoing efforts to promote heritage conservation and expand offerings for tourists and residents alike.

Commenting on the initiatiave, Cathaoirleach of Kilkenny County Council, Cllr. Michael Doyle, said: “Celebrating Kilkenny City’s medieval heritage is more than just preserving the past; it’s about paving the way for an inspiring future. These digital recordings open new avenues for discovery and appreciation, ensuring that the stories of Kilkenny’s historic buildings continue to inspire and captivate generations to come.”

Dating from the early 1580s, Shee Alms House is a historical gem that has recently benefited from conservation works supported by the Historic Structure’s Fund conservation grant from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, including 3-D rendered models, point clouds, and immersive walk-through videos, the public will soon be able to virtually explore the captivating architecture of this 16th-century marvel.

Mayor of Kilkenny Municipal District, Cllr. Joe Malone, praised the initiative by saying: “As Mayor of Kilkenny City, I’m thrilled to witness our rich history come to life through these cutting-edge digital recordings. This initiative bridges time and technology, allowing us to explore our medieval treasures in a whole new light. These efforts reflect our commitment to both our past and our future, ensuring Kilkenny’s legacy remains vibrant and cherished.”

Looking ahead, the Conservation Office of Kilkenny County Council plans to extend this digital preservation project to encompass other 16th-century landmarks in the City. With the generous support of the Heritage Council’s Heritage Stewardship Fund, the Council will conduct two additional recordings of similarly aged buildings on Parliament Street in 2023.

Architectural Conservation Officer, Francis Coady, expressed the significance of these initiatives, stating, “Kilkenny’s historic buildings are of national importance, serving as a testament to the city’s merchant families and traders within its ancient walls. Documenting and presenting these architectural treasures in digital format ensures their timeless legacy, underscoring Kilkenny’s dedication to safeguarding and celebrating its medieval heritage.”

From August 16th these digital models can be accessed through Kilkenny County Council’s official website at:

An event to showcase the laser scanning of 16th and 17th-century structures in Kilkenny will take place on 17th August next at 11:30 am in the Carnegie Library on John’s Quay. The Event will be hosted by Archaeological Management Solutions (AMS) for Heritage Week. For further details, please visit

Kilkenny County Council’s latest initiatives not only bridge the gap between the past and present but also create an immersive platform for all to engage with and appreciate the city’s remarkable medieval heritage.


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