Is a cure for hair loss close?

It can’t be said that a cure for hair loss is close but these days there are so many ways to correct hair loss and baldness. Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics in Dublin and Dubai provide their clients and patients with surgical Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and non surgical medical treatment packages for the early stages of hair loss in men and various forms of female hair loss

Surgeons at Ailesbury Hair confirm that it’s very unlikely for a ‘cure’ to be available in the foreseeable future, but in general for 85% of the people we see at our clinics, we’re able to provide them with very good solutions to stabilise hair loss to a degree, thicken the hair and in many cases, identify the medical cause of the underlying issue. It’s common for women to go for consultations having no idea what’s the main cause for their hair loss and then following blood testing, to find out they’re deficient in various vitamins, or have serious thyroid issues or hormonal imbalances. Once the surgeons and Trichologists have that vital information to hand, it’s much easier to deal with the underlying issue, and then in the second phase, provide treatment to thicken the hair and keep it healthy in the long term.

Lorraine Lambert, CEO of Ailesbury Hair Clinics commented that it’s often quite disheartening to see false advertising online, promising hair loss sufferers with a quick-fix cure, that just is not honest or realistic. It’s very important to give the patient clear medical information on their situation, taking into account if they’re suffering with Male or Female Pattern Baldness, or hair loss related to thyroid issues or hormonal issues.

While there isn’t a cure around the corner, there’s certainly ways to address the issue, improve the hair thickness and deal with underlying health issues contributing to the problem.

For more information contact our Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics in Dublin: 01 676 0969 or Cork: 087 717 6296. Alternatively, visit our website at


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