Irish government must articulate the urgent demand for full and immediate ceasefire in the Middle East

Kathleen Funchion


Sinn Fein TD for Kilkenny Carlow

Sinn Féin TD for Carlow Kilkenny Kathleen Funchion has said that the outcome of last month’s European Council meeting on the conflict in the Middle East represents a failure of EU leadership.

She has called on the Irish government to articulate the urgent demand for full and immediate ceasefire at every opportunity.

Teachta Funchion said:

“Enduring Israeli bombardment and the total siege of Gaza continues by the hour. Every day the death count rises by the thousands. The most recent bombing of a refugee camp must not be allowed to continue.

“European leaders have failed to even acknowledge that Israel is breaching international law and some have effectively given their imprimatur to those breaches.

“The call of the international community must be for an immediate and full ceasefire, and the universal application of and adherence to international law, with the explicit condemnation of those who breach it, regardless of who they are; including Israel.

“European leaders have failed that test of leadership during this conflict.

“The Irish government must now work with those global partners, including EU states, who are rightly seeking a comprehensive, informed international process that delivers an immediate ceasefire and a full humanitarian response.

“The bombardment must end. The siege of Gaza must end. Nothing less will do.”

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