Family gather to plant tree as they remember dad Dick O’Connell

Grandchildren of Dick O’Connell who came together to plant a tree for their grandfather: Emily Bradley, Rachel Kelly, Niamh O'Connell, Evie Wadding, Orla O'Connell, Jack O'Connell, Tom Kelly, Rosie Bradley, and Lucy Bradley

The Kilkenny Observer was privileged to be part of a very emotional gathering on the Golf Links Road last weekend.

The O’ Connell family, residents of no 2, gathered en masse, to plant a tree in memory of their recently deceased father, Dick.

The ceremony took place on the green area fronting the family home.

For a number of years Dick had vociferously advocated the aesthetic advantages of a tree in this particular spot.

Late last year the Newpark Residents Association acceded to his wish and agreed to source and plant a suitable specimen.

Unfortunately, Dick’s protracted illness and eventual demise saw these plans shelved.

But Dick’s daughter Ann O’ Connell Kelly persevered.

With determination she pledged to fulfil her father’s wish.

She resolved to gather the extended family together from around the world.

After many attempts they eventually assembled last weekend to ensure their father’s dream became a reality.

On behalf of the family Richard spoke from the heart when he declared “trees play an important role in the survival of the earth.

Humans produce the carbon dioxide that trees breathe and trees produce the oxygen that we need.

And so as this tree, mystical and magical, grows and develops, it will become a symbol of life and of humanity.

To future generations it will stand as a memorial to a great man, Dick O’Connell, a man we were proud to call our father.”

Missing from the pictures are Granddaughter Megan Ruth, Kate O’Connell

Aoife Kelly and son in law Frank Bradley.


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