Ear candling: looking after your ears

Do you suffer from excess ear wax, ear pressure problems, buzzing, or whistling sounds in your ears? Then you might be interested to hear about ear candling. This technique has been around for thousands of years and used by many different cultures. Modern ear candles like Otosan Ear Cones are based on these historic candles.
They’re a safe and effective device which you can use in the comfort of your own home. They can help to eliminate impurities and excess earwax from the ear. They are easy to use but you do need some help. If you’re the person with the problem, you lie on your side and your helper places the cone inside the ear according to the instructions on the pack. They place a towel over your shoulder and you simply relax. Then they light the top of the cone and let it burn down to the metal part letting the cone do its work. When finished, roll over and do the other ear. It’s recommended that you do both ears even if you only have a problem in one ear.
As the candle burns down you may hear some sizzling sounds. The heat generated regenerates local blood flow, providing a feeling of well-being and general physical relaxation. It’s a very relaxing experience. You can use the candles once a month depending on your needs. Don’t use them if you have perforated ear drums, or on children under three years of age.
The purifying effect can help to resolve problems such as buzzing, whistling, background noises, transmission loss, and blocked ear sensation, offering relief for any of you suffering with these problems. They can also help to eliminate any residual water in the ear canal after swimming. You can use Otosan ear drops to soften wax before using the cones for optimal effect.
Some use the ear cones for general ear hygiene to keep the ears clean.
Nobody likes having problems with their ears so it’s nice to know that there is something simple that may help. Take a look at them and see what you think. They might work for you, no harm in trying.
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