Does the picture match the sound?


We all have that one friend who will not take no for an answer, especially when it comes to that batch of buns she baked or that pint he wants you to go for. Everyone dishes out the advice, saying you can’t keep training so hard, you can’t stay eating healthy all of the time, everyone needs a treat. Ask yourself…. if they are such an expert why are they not in amazing shape themselves? The same goes for people in the fitness industry…take advice from those who walk the walk, not those who talk the talk.

Don’t ask someone who is broke for financial advice. Don’t ask someone who smokes for health tips. Don’t ask the single man for relationship advice! And don’t trust someone out of shape with your health and fitness. It is easy to talk. A lot of times I hear fitness professionals talk about how good a certain fitness modality is but when I look at them I wonder why it hasn’t worked for them if it is so good?

When someone is giving advice especially with health, getting pain-free and fitness ask yourself…..does the picture match the sound? Have they themselves experienced the benefits? Health, family, friends and financial security. These are things that are so valuable to us. The most expensive information in the long run is bad information. With health and injury make sure you get the best advice possible.

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