Dig your well before your thirsty


Listen to the whispers and you won’t have to hear the screams is an old Cherokee saying that I think we could all relate to. We know athletes get injured, we know people who have had back pain in the past are 12 times more likely to get it in the future, but our positivity bias can mean that we don’t think it will happen to us!

This positivity bias is needed, otherwise we would never get into a car again for fear of a crash. However, it can harm us also because we are terrible at acknowledging that something in the future could go wrong for us if we don’t take action now. We can see this with popular beliefs that the climate and planet will always be ok and a more personal level, that we will never get injured!

Most of us have weak link areas and even if you don’t, running a lot means that certain areas are prone to becoming weak!

Running puts strain on our tendons and joints, therefore it is important to do exercises now that will help keep these areas healthy for years come. Dig the well before your thirsty. Don’t wait for the injury or pain to strike before you start.


I have designed my Sports Pilates Program with the BackAware Belt to help runners stay injury free. By working once per week for 45 minutes on areas that are prone to problems you can avoid a lot of problems. Improving the strength and mobility of these possible weak link areas before there are problems, can help you stay running your best and keep your body healthy.

Even if you already have an injury or some areas that gets sore then this program can help reverse a lot of the strain we have put on our bodies.

Pilates is what I do but it doesn’t have to be Pilates. We have S and C classes, or Mobility classes included too that you can do. It might not be my program that suits you, but you need to invest 45 minutes per week into something. Your future self will thank you for it.


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